Kellen Watts

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Three Years Old

May 04, 2017 3 Years Milestones

I never thought of three as being a large number, but Kellen seems so much more grown up now than he did just six months ago. Perhaps the best single word that describes him at this point is… spongy.

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Two Years Old

May 01, 2016 2 Years Milestones

Our little boy is now well into his toddler years, and he has no shortage of personality. Even as he enters the supposed “terrible two’s,” he’s as much a joy for us as ever.

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Eleven Months Old

March 22, 2015 11 Months Milestones

Here we are… One month from Kellen’s first birthday. While we don’t have much to report this month, it seems like Kellen has grown more in the last couple months than in all the months before. We’re still trying to wrap our heads around him being a year old next month.

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